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MTEL has been designed by experienced Ontario co-op educators to help make the co-op process quick and  efficient for teachers.

Student information is pre-entered into the database and ready to go at the beginning of the semester.

A searchable record of all past co-op employers helps match students with placement positions.

Once a placement has been arranged, MTEL will help the teacher through the student’s Learning Plan development process.

Quickly and EasilyCreate student Learning Plans

  • Ontario Curriculum – including Expectations and Demonstrations
  • National Occupation Classification (NOC) – includes Codes, Titles, Job Descriptions and Duties
  • Apprenticeship Training Standards (ATS) – includes Codes, Titles, Details from two versions of the ATS: Short and Complete
  • Model PPLP database
  • Archived PPLP datase

Flexible development: Begin with information at hand then complete as information becomes available.

Track and manage your students’ PPLPs throughout the placement process.

Draw on Past Success

  • Use and learn from over 150 (and growing) model PPLPs created by experienced co-op teachers from across the province (from MTEL user boards)
  • Import data from your Board’s Archived PPLPs, which grows in size and value over time

Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP)

  • Gives quick access to detailed Apprenticeship Training Standards for your OYAP students
  • Facilitates the OYAP participation and registration processes by pro viding official MTCU OYAP forms where the student and placement information is automatically generated

at the click of a buttonPrint Common Reports and Forms

Eliminate time-consuming data re-entry. Once a student’s information has been imported to start the student’s record, in the app0lication, it will be automatically populated on all forms and reports: (branded with board and school logos whenever appropriate)

  • Co-op Placement Assessment (Health & Safety)
  • Work Education Agreement
  • Modification to Work Education Agreement
  • OYAP Forms
  • Student Learning Plan
  • Accident/Injury Report
  • Placement Hours and Achieved Credits Report
  • Monitoring Meetings Report
  • Student’s Weekly Log
  • Teacher Worksheet
  • Attendance Records
  • Authorization to examine criminal record
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Immunization Request
  • Media Permission
  • Release and Compensation Agreement (motor vehicles)
  • Ride-along (Police Services placements)
  • Student Contract and Parental Consent
  • Transportation – Operating a Motor Vehicle

Ontario teachers, schools and school boards have been using MTEL to create and manage co-op placements for secondary school students since 2002. A total of 28 school boards and over 350 schools are already benefitting from this easy-to-use, cost-effective and powerful system. Discover what it can do for you!

MTEL is a HUGE time saver: everything is right at your fingertips and the support provided is excellent. I've got 9 years to go before I retire, and I'm hoping MTEL is a part of each and every one of those years!" Susan Van Horn, Co-op Teacher, Manitoulin Secondary School, Rainbow DSB, Sudbury
MTEL is an excellent system. It is user friendly and dramatically increases one's efficiency while working as a co-op teacher. I highly recommend the system!" Del Jones, Co-op Teacher, TR Leger Adult Learning Centre, Upper Canada DSB, Cornwall

MTEL is a powerful tool, even in a small school setting. It is a professional way to manage the many facets of cooperative education data. I continue to enjoy using the program with my students. It's professional and well organized."

Ainslie Kuryliw, Co-op and Student Support Teacher, AFNorth International School, Netherlands
As a Co-op Coordinator, I can quickly generate my Ministry, OYAP and WSIB reports with a few clicks. The tech support is great and all of my questions get answered the same day. I highly recommend MTEL! " Warren Seton, Co-op / OYAP Coordinator, St. Clair Catholic DSB, Wallaceburg

This is exactly why we are a happy client. Your office is receptive to hearing the issues and taking corrective action immediately to make the program user friendly for the front line co-op teachers."

Calvin McCabe, Co-op / OYAP Coordinator, Lambton Kent DSB, Chatham

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